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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April News

I took Boo in for a dental last week & he ended up having 11 teeth removed! Poor little guy - they were loose & pulling them was the best solution.

We did half the AAC trial this past weekend until I got sick - it's really not fair to get the stomach flu & a wicked sore throat at the same time!

Anyhow, Boo Q'd in 3 out of 4 runs - just can't seem to get those Gambles! He did some great weave poles at quite a distance though - too bad that wasn't the plan! Sometimes I think if he doesn't see any cones he figures he can take whatever he likes!

Blast got a Starters Gamble Q, but that's not too surprising since he doesn't really worry about where I am. He ran pretty well, had a couple of off courses in his standard rounds, but he's trying hard. He still has a problem collecting to do weave poles... not sure how I"m going to fix that - they're pretty good in practice.

Bizzie didn't run as she is in heat - the little princess will be bred this time - hard to believe -seems she was just a puppy herself!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tuff Enuf to Run in Pink?

We had a pretty exciting time at the Olds "Cancer fundraiser" Trial yesterday! Most everyone was tuff enuf to run in pink - although the shirts this year were blue.
The dogs ran pretty well, Boo & I even ran Snooker in the dark! Yep, I think a transformer blew & we had no power for about an hour! So we opened the big doors at the end of the arena so we could see a little & we just continued! Fortunately, the power came on before the big "Dash for Cash" Steeplechase run.

Bizzie ran fast, but was a big tunnel suck, guess she'll have to go on a tunnel diet. I had several people telling me how entertaining her run was - now that's nice for the folks watching, but not so much when you're the one trying to keep her focus!
Blast had a major zoomie the first run of the day, which was standard, but he settled down quite well & probably would have Q'd in steeplechase if I hadn't screwed up - he did all the hard parts well & then I forgot to support him going into a tunnel... dumb mommy. I also had an oops in Snooker which he ran well too...
Boo Q'd 3 out of 4 - the snooker had too much mileage for him to get enough points; & we actually won money in the Dash for Cash! Yeah Boo!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Ears Have It!

3 papillons, 3 personalities, 3 different sets of ears!

Bizzie has very erect ears, kinda curly, very cute!

She has a funny look on her face here!

Boo has very big ears, with long fringes - nice when they're up, but he holds them at "half mast" if he's not excited!

Blast can't decide - he has one up, one down!
Or maybe he's too busy playing to hold them both up!