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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Skills for a New Year

I've decided to try to learn a new dog sport for 2012. I'm planning on training Ditto for scent hurdles. She finally learned to retrieve so that's a good start! Our next goal is to get her to carry the dumbell all the way back to me. She tends to drop it too early. I have no idea if she has a "good nose" or not, but guess I'll find out! In a couple of weeks she will be a year old - can't believe how fast that year went...

Her agility training is going well - I did a lot of foundation work with her first, so that helped a lot. We haven't trained the table yet, so that will be next. Currently we are working on weave poles, using the 2 x2 method, which is new to me. I'm in no hurry, so it may take a little while. She has a good teeter, understands 2 on 2 off for the contacts (which will be a work in progress) & has just learned to go through the chute. She's jumping 6" now with no problems, so hope the transition to 10" will be seamless. We're just starting to work Rear Crosses, so there's still a long way to go, although she seems to follow my motion quite well so far!

I probably won't start to trial her until she's at least two or later if she's not ready then... I already have enough on my plate with my other 2 dogs! Although they're all papillons, they're all very different from each other, which makes running them a challenge!