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Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun Weekend

We had a fun time in Medicine Hat this past weekend - that group always puts on a great trial (no matter what the weather does!) Weather wise we had a little of everything! (no snow thank goodness!)
I knew Blast would have a tough time coping with all the distractions of an outdoor trial & I was right - he was very unfocused, slow, worried, etc... very frustrating after all this time.
He finally managed to keep it together enough to get a snooker Q on Saturday. Sunday he was worse I think - not sure if the thunder bothered him or what - I ended up carrying him off the course in snooker when he kept bailing off the teeter. The last 2 runs were jumpers & he did Q both of them - Wayne ran him for one & I ran the other. Hope he can get his act together before Regionals... not much time left.
This was Bizzie's 2nd trial post puppies & I wasn't sure what to expect. She was running fast, but we didn't have great connection. She did manage a jumpers Q & was running a really nice snooker until I screwed up, but my goal was that she run & have fun, which she did.
Just for fun, I let Boo run a steeplechase & 2 jumpers courses. Wow, I've never seen him run so fast! He was awesome - the first jumpers was one of those runs where you're so in tune with each other it's just magic! The little guy still knows the game!
Ditto had a fun time at the trial - lots of visiting, played with Catch, a sheltie puppy, & was a very good girl. So far she is just a great puppy & easy to manage!
All in all, a good time was had by all! Next weekend, another trial in Olds, but just for one day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ditto & her playmate

Of all the dogs in our house, Cactus
is the least playful.. she's the typical aloof sheltie & it's really beneath her to play, although she's not above stealing a toy & "storing" it in her kennel!
So Ditto seems to be on a mission to get Cactus to play! Cactus is not impressed...
(The pink shirt is just to cover a little rash she had on her belly)

Ditto went to her first puppy kindergarten class & did really well. There were puppies there from 9 wks old to 6 mo old. We had some instruction & then playtime. I was really impressed that she could play & tug with all that was going on! She really wanted to get a good game of chase me going, but didn't really have any takers. I think next week the dogs will be a little more relaxed & ready to play.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Size doesn't matter..

Well, I had Ditto in for her shots yesterday... I weighed her & she's 4.5 lbs! She's huge! At 12 wks, Bizzie was only 2.8 lbs, and she's now about 6 lbs. She's still a great puppy - very inquisitive, friendly, loves people (just like her mom). She hasn't met too many other dogs since I was waiting for those second shots. She really can hold her own with our other dogs... we'll see how she does with dogs she doesn't know.
She hasn't mastered coming down the stairs yet, & keeps running up them & then gets very annoyed that she can't get down. She does all the cute puppy things like barking at herself in the mirror! I am so enjoying her!
Blast has just discovered that he can go toy shopping in the puppy pen just by jumping in, & today he enjoyed Ditto's lunch! Have to watch that boy every minute!
Bizzie still plays a lot with Ditto, but jumps on the couch to get away from her when she's had enough... well, it won't be long before Ditto is going to make it up onto the couch...

Still having lots of problems with my hip & leg, hopefully can be feeling better soon - doing lots of physio & chiro.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Puppies are like sponges - I can't believe how quickly they learn things - the good & the bad!
Of course I think Ditto is brilliant! She seems to be a thinker & can actually pay attention (for a short time, anyways). She can now sit, come when called, nose touch my hand, potty on command & tug. I really want to make sure she is well socialized, but I'm still careful where I take her until she's had her 2nd set of shots. She really holds her own with the other dogs & loves the game of chase! Her & Bizzie (her mum) play a lot until Biz has had enough of her!
She really gives it her all to try to jump up onto the couch but still can't quite make it - I figure another week or 2 & she'll be there! Then Biz won't be able to escape her sneak attacks!

While I'm spending lots of time with Ditto, I'm trying to get Bizzie back into shape. She wouldn't run at the last seminar I was at (last weekend) so I don't think she's ready yet - not sure if it's a physical or mental thing. It really took her a long time after her last litter to want to play agility. At least I can get her spayed soon - hopefully that will take care of the hormone issues.

I haven't done much training lately since I seem to have some problems with my hip - have been going to physio, so hope it's feeling better soon. Blast has been doing quite well, but we'll see what happens when we start to trial outdoors - he really has a hard time with distractions.

We have 3 trials coming up in the next little while, then it's our regionals, so hope we can keep it together! I even entered Boo in a trial - just in jumpers & a steeplechase run, so he will be very excited!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Puppy

Puppies are so much fun! They play, play, play!

Gee, can I go play with the big kids?

Look- I can sit still for a nano second!