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Friday, December 26, 2008

My Special Christmas Gift!

Well, I received a really special Christmas gift this year - a new grandson - my first - I already have a grandaughter, thanks to my son, now this is my daughter's baby.

She wouldn't be happy if she knew I posted this photo, but I think it's beautiful! She was in labor for 20 hrs , but she was a trooper & did it all drug free!
So, welcome to the world baby Quinn!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have Bed, Will Travel

Bizzie seems to think the floor is too cold for her delicate little bottom, so she keeps pulling her bed out of her crate & takes it with her to sit on... she's a funny little girl!

Here I think she's telling Cactus, if I can't see you, you can't see me...

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Happy Santas

Are we done yet?
I can't take it anymore!!

OK, it's dumb , but did you mention cookies? I'll do anything for a cookie!

Take this off right now, or I WILL bite you.

Happy Santa?

Well, it's been so cold here for so long, the dogs are all going stir crazy!

I thought I'd try to get some photos with the Santa hat, but the dogs had different ideas...

Bizzie isn't too sure she likes this..

Oh no, I'm tipping over!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Messin' with their heads!

We recently did some painting in the kitchen, where we have our canine condo in the corner. It used to be, big cages on the bottom for Cactus & Blast, little cages on the top for Bizzie & Boo. We moved things around a little & needed more room, so I changed the order of the cages - now it's Cactus & Boo on the bottom & Bizzie & Blast on the top. So, everyone's cage changed position!

Well, it's just hilarious when it's time for them to get to their kennels.. they're all flying in & out of kennels - is this the right one - hey what are you doing in my house - yikes, I don't fit!
Very entertaining for me!

Monday, December 8, 2008

DNA Results are in!

Well, just as a lark, I sent in a DNA test on Blast a couple of weeks ago. It's super easy - just like on CSI, you get a cheek swab & send it off. You can include a photo, but I chose not to.

I've had so many people comment on his breeding - must be part Border Collie, or Sheltie, or whatever. Not that it matters to me - he is who he is!

So, here it is, drum roll please....... he's a Papillon!

The results show he is a Level 1, which means he's likely purebred, at least greater than 75% papillon. So there you have it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Jail Break!

The kids were all in jail (or so they thought) behind the baby gate...

And then it happens! A jail break!

And the little ones were in awe! (That gate's 30 inches tall)

And then this is the face I see...

Honest, I won't do it again...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dana Pike seminar

Well, I did another seminar this weekend with Dana Pike - it was a foundation seminar, so lots of good stuff. I have enough information now to last me forever, now I need to spend the time on the training!

There were young puppies there as well as some older dogs who have holes in their training.

I took Bizzie & Blast & switched off with them. Blast behaved very well, but we weren't running sequences so he didn't get too excited. Dana had a novel way to teach the dog not to pull on the leash, so I'll certainly be using that. (kinda like using the reins when you're riding)

I've decided that Bizzie isn't allowed to accept treats from anyone but me now since she's become quite the little mooch, so we put that into practice this weekend - she really wasn't impressed that no one was feeding her, even when she put her "cute face" on!

Dana has a different concept to teach start lines, so it was interesting to see that & think about it.

Her rear cross instruction is very similar to Kim's, so nothing new there.

She teaches her contact behaviour in 2 parts, first run across the DW (A-frame) as fast as you can, she looks for how many strides the dog takes naturally on the A-frame, then she teaches the contact behaviour completely separately & then puts it together. Some of her dogs have running contacts & some have 2o2o.

It was a fun seminar, although I always seem to get sick after spending 2 days sitting in that dusty barn! Today it's a sore throat, etc...