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Monday, November 22, 2010

Humble Pie

Well, I'm eating lots of humble pie these days. 2 weekends ago, Bizzie was awesome in our CAA trial - she Q'd 6 out of 7 runs, finished her MAD, & finally got her last Adv Jumpers Q. She was a really good little girl, even got both gambles although they both had tunnels, so that was right up her alley! Fast forward to this past weekend... we did a standard course in a fun league & she was a complete brat! She had at least 5 off courses, jumped off the top of the Dogwalk, didn't listen...
Blast did well at the CAA trial - Q'd 3 out of 7 runs & only had a few bobbles in the others. He had 2 bars, both on doubles, so obviously that's something we need to work on. First time ever he's knocked a bar, however he's running faster & with more confidence now. In the fun league he just had 5 faults for a refusal, which was part of a mini zoomie!
I have to admit my dogs haven't had my attention or much exercise for the past month since my mom's in the hospital, so I spend most of the day there. And of course the weather is frigid & those little feet can't seem to tolerate the cold.
I signed Boo up for another Rally course, CKC this time, so we'll see how he does. He actually did pretty well the first course we took, which was CARO. Not sure we'll ever compete, but you never know.