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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AAC Regionals

Well, our agility Regionals is now over. There were some great moments & some not so great!
Helping on the organizing committee is quite stressful when you are already running a couple of dogs, but the committee were such great people to work with, it was never a problem.

Blast had an oops on his first run - of course it was jumpers which he likes the best! He peed in the ring, which was my fault since I didn't get to pee him right before his run... my dogs aren't in the same height category, but there were only a few dogs in between, so my time management didn't work out so well... He was clean in the first standard run, but took some time to enjoy the view from the top of the A-frame & also had a few distracted moments. He didn't get very many points in the gamble opening, but he did get the gamble. Day 2 was better with a 5 fault standard, a clean jumpers & he did get the gamble. In the end he did qualify with over 400 points & placed 11th, which was pretty good for him considering our 0 point first run.

Bizzie was coming off maternity leave, so I didn't have any great expectations for her & it's a good thing I didn't! We weren't working as a team at all, she was very distracted, visiting the judge, taking many extra tunnels, etc. She should have got both gambles, but the lure of the tunnel sucked her in! She managed a clean jumpers run at the end of the weekend, but it was still not very pretty! She didn't qualify, I think about 20 pts short, but was 5th place in her division. She's off getting spayed today, so she'll need some time to recover before we start back training.

Boo came along for the weekend, so I put him in steeplechase just for fun. He had a great time & won both the steeplechase preliminary runs. He ran in the final & actually got a 3rd place ribbon! Not bad for a little guy who's had no training for over a year! That was probably the most fun of the weekend for me! He's like a comfortable old slipper compared to running the young'uns!

Ditto was a good puppy all weekend & met lots of new people & dogs. She loves the big dogs & had some fun playtimes!

I think we'll all have a little time off now & I can get my house back in order & await the birth of my 4th grandchild!