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Friday, April 29, 2011

Puppy Love

Well, I did it! Decided to keep one of Bizzie's puppies. Once I made that decision, I had to decide which of the black & white girls to keep.... one of them looks exactly like Bizzie, the other one is a little bigger with more white blaze on her face. As it turned out, she chose me - I called her Ditto, and she is not the Bizzie look alike! She is the most people focused of the pups & so far has been awesome! She sleeps all night in her kennel, she travels well in the car, she plays tug. She already knows to potty on her "grass" which is a piece of artificial grass on the deck. Of course that may be the only grass we see this year - it's snowing like crazy right now - AGAIN!

I just love this little puppy - just hope I do all the right training things with her! She runs around with the other dogs & really holds her own - not intimidated by the bigger dogs - she dives under the coffee table & tries to play with them - even Boo, who is really not impressed! She torments her mom, grabbing her ears & hanging on them!