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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who doesn't love a puppy?

Lots of color on these pups!

Black & white girl

Biz looks a little better now that she's cleaned up!


The babies have arrived!

This is Bizzie's first litter & she was due this Sunday. I did have a feeling she would deliver early & she did! The X-ray showed 3 puppies - yeah!
She went to the breeder's home on Monday night so she had some time to adapt to the new digs.

She was very big - gained 3 1/2 lbs - on a 6 lb dog! She came to agility class Tuesday night just to hang out & of course just had to run across the dogwalk (or should I say waddle across!)

Wed morning, she had her first puppy in Shannen's van on the way to work at the clinic! She looked at it like - what the hell? - but then mother nature took over & she figured it all out! I met Shan at the clinic so I could be there for the rest of the deliveries...

Puppy #2 took 3 hrs to deliver - it's huge! Biz was a trooper though. Puppy #3 just popped out really quickly. Thinking we were all done, we moved Biz to a clean cage, etc. & I went home. the plan was for Bizzie to stay with Shannen for a couple of days. An hour later I got a phone call - guess what - Puppy #4 just arrived! I think his name should be Bonus!

I only have photos of the first 3 puppies, but will update this blog later..
So, the stats are: 2 Sable males, 1 Sable female, & 1 black & white female.

Can you see the heart on the puppy?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


We have a new addition to our doggie family... her name is Critter & she is training with Wayne. He is so funny - he's madly in love with this little "critter".

We weren't really in the market for a new dog, but we babysat her a couple of times & that was it - we were hooked.

She has got to be the happiest little girl - loves all the other dogs & loves to play.

I chose the name Critter cause she often stands up on her hindlegs & she looks just like the little critters in the Telus commercials!

I had a hard time getting a photo of her since she's never still.. but here's a couple.

She's so tiny she can actually get right through that baby gate!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Puppy Love

Well, we all love puppies & Bizzie will be having hers in about a week!

She had an Xray today & it showed 3 good sized puppies!

Poor Bizzie is getting really uncomfortable, especially in the heat. She was almost 6 lbs to start & now she's over 9 lbs!

Here's a photo of her trying to get comfy on her favorite deck chair.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a Weekend!

Well, Regionals is now officially over.

What a great event! The venue was wonderful, the weather was great (really hot!), everyone had fun!
It was a busy weekend for us since we had all 5 dogs there, including Bizzie who's due to have her puppies in a couple of weeks!

Boo ran really well - I am very proud of him! He doesn't like to run in the heat, so he did a great job giving his all for 3 consecutive days! He is now the 6" Special 1st Place Winner! Considering how he ran when we started this sport, that's quite an accomplishment for him!

He qualified in both the Steeplechase runs on Friday, even though he knocked the last bar on the first run (my fault for hesitating), and came second to Target in the Steeplechase final on Sunday afternoon.
We had a few glitches throughout the weekend, but he was happy & running & that's always my first concern. We had an odd off course on the first standard (my fault again...) and he missed his contact on the DW on the second standard course.
He had 2 clean jumpers rounds, so that was great!
In Gamblers, he ran the first one really well & got the final gamble; on Sunday, he got a nice mini gamble, which was a serpentine at a distance, but didn't get the final.

Blast didn't have a great weekend. I don't know if it was the heat or the stress, or just an upset stomach, but he had the runs all weekend & wasn't having much fun. I was up with him all night Sat night, he was vomiting & having diarrhea. Poor Boy. I pulled him from the competition on Sunday, I didn't want to stress him anymore. His highlight was getting the final gamble on Saturday! Pretty good for a rookie!

Cactus & Wayne had a pretty good weekend - they qualified for Nats, and Cactus got all her teeter & DW contacts! She still had a couple of her signature Aframe dismounts, but she held her start lines. They had an awesome jumpers round, which was really fast & furious!

What a great event the Lethbridge & Medicine Hat group put together! Oh, and Group C Rocks!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ready or Not....

Well, tomorrow we go to Lethbridge for the AAC Regionals.
Not sure we're ready, but we'll do our best.
Some of the practices I was counting on were rained/snowed out, & other stuff just got in the way...
Boo has been running not too bad, a lot depends on his mood! Bought him a new cool coat in case it's a scorcher - he doesn't like the heat.
Blast has been running well at times, but he's not consistent. Still having lots of weave pole entry issues, but we're just going for the experience; I have no expectations, we'll just go & have some fun.
We're leaving tomorrow, so today we load up the RV with half the house it seems, & we'll be on the road in the morning - staying at the Bridgeview RV resort, which I think is very close to the site. Pray for good weather!