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Monday, February 15, 2010

CAA trial thoughts...

We had a good time at the trial this weekend. I only entered the dogs in a few runs each & I made sure that I didn't have 2 dogs in the same class this time. I think it worked out really well - I wasn't so rushed to put one dog away & get the other one out. It has been difficult with Blast & Bizzie in all the same classes - even though they run at different heights, sometimes I only have 1 or 2 dogs in between. I really liked the set up at this trial - the fencing allowed for more space between the start line & the warm up/viewing area - really helps for the dogs that get distracted on the start line.
Boo Q'd 2/3 - missed the gamble - my fault. He got another Challenge Q & a Standard Q. He absolutely didn't want to tip the teeter in the challenge class - will have to work on the teeter again - he does it fine in training when there are treats present... any suggestions? anyone?

Blast was only entered in Jumpers & Steeplechase. He had 5 faults in jumpers, & it was totally my fault - can't take my eyes off him for one second, or I lose him. He had a pretty nice Steeplechase run, although we still have weave pole issues.

Bizzie's first run was Gamblers & she was very naughty - she did hold her start line, did 2 obstacles, then pinned those ears back & away she went into the first tunnel she saw & just continued on with her own course running around like a mad woman! Her first standard course she was much better, actually listened, but got an off course tunnel (isn't that a surprise). She Q'd her second standard, which moves her up into Masters... oooh, so not ready.
She listened well in the snooker run & earned another Q. I was wishing I had entered her in Jumpers, it was a really nice course. Oh well, next time...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rye's most exciting adventure

Well, Rye will be going home today - I think he's going to miss Critter - they played a lot!

here's the bunch in a "quiet" moment

Tag - you're it!

This didn't last very long.

This is what Princess Bizzie thought of Rye - when is he going home?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And then there were six!

Yes, six dogs, but only for a week! I'm dogsitting a golden retriever called Rye. He's a beautiful pup, still intact, about 16 months old. He has a wonderful nature & is really good with my little dogs.

Here he is watching TV.

Eye to eye with Critter.

Having a singalong!

Dancing a cha cha with Blast (Blast's leading)