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Friday, January 20, 2012

My Ditto

This is my goofy puppy Ditto - just about 11 months now! Wow - where did the time go. She has such a sense of humor. She loves to sit on my head when I'm on my laptop & she'll sit there until I kick her off... It's funny - I have 4 papillons & everyone of them is a different personality. This one seems to be the goofy girl. She has been a bold puppy right from the start - loves big dogs, has tons of energy & does funny things all the time. She tried to climb the ladder when I went up it to paint, got a holy roller stuck on her head more than once (it was broken so she could get her head in) & loves to sit up in the highest point in the room. She's great fun to train & loves to work. I have spent quite a bit of time doing foundation work with her & it's really beginning to pay off. She is able to work through distractions & has great focus. Now we're starting to work on some really fun stuff - 2x2 weaves and contact training. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trial results

We just finished our first trial of 2012.
I ran Blast & Bizzie in 3 runs each day opting out of challenge & Snooker - don't think they are the best thing for building confidence...
Sat was a little disappointing - no Q's, but both dogs were running happy, which is my first concern. The gamble was pretty difficult - only 5 dogs Q'd out of maybe 80 dogs.
Biz is still getting off courses - those tunnels are so rewarding to her! Blast continues to like 10" & is running pretty well - I have to remember how far he has come! Ditto came to hang out & meet new people & dogs... she did very well. She's still very forward & pretty much loves everyone.
Sunday, we ran Steeplechase & both dogs ran it very well - in the same time! 4.59 yps - I'm happy with that! The other 2 runs were both standard runs & a little tricky... off courses got Biz again & Blast decided to blow contacts.
It was really cold inside & out so it was nice to get home into a hot bath!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well, it's now a new year & hopefully new & exciting times lie ahead!
Ditto is pretty much grown up now, well, her body anyways - she can be quite a willfull puppy so although she likes to work, she can be very independent... still working on that recall & on retrieves. She won't be a year until Feb, so she's still young.

I decided to move Blast to specials, so now he just has to jump 10". Although he really is a good jumper & quite athletic, dropping him to 10" seemed to take some pressure off & he seems happier & running much faster - which of course is a problem - for me! I need to get into better shape so I can keep up!

Bizzie is still a work in progress - still building confidence - she has some great runs & some OK runs. Trying to keep her body in good shape seems to be a bit of a problem - just had her at the chiropractor today & she really seems to need regular adjustments to be able to run well. I probably need to get her on a regular program of massage & chiropractic adjustments.

Boo is still the little nuisance in the house - he just has the most annoying bark - something between a crow & a duck! He still loves to tear around the yard with the rest of the crew, & barks at all the birds...

Definately lots to work on this year - as long as we all stay healthy I'll be happy!